The lecture is an exploration of the African and Afroasiatic heritage of the Moors and their lost heritage in North Africa and Spain. For More Information Click Here  (This is a free event. Lecture powerpoint presentation). To the Left is a photomap_tileof Shluh Berbers of Morroco are a mixture of Masmuda and Sanhaja people. The Moors (Mauri) in the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans were described as wearing bands around their heads, and it looks as though some things about them haven’t changed. In ancient times the name Shluh is Sylli or Psylli in Greek, hence the name of the Masaesyles or Masaesylli and Masylli of Numidia. See The Moors – Part I A Lecture. The address is Masjidullah, Inc. 7401 Limekiln Pike, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19138 (215) 424-8022


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