“Ghana is a Kingdom in Africa located near what is now the Gold Coast in French West Africa. Ghana was the largest Kingdom in Africa at this time except for Egypt. The Maga Berber family started the kingdom. Most of the people of the Kingdom were of the Soninke Tribe.”

“The Maga family was ousted in 700 AD by King Kaya Maghan Sisse who was a native African. Around this time Africans and Berbers who for the most part had become Muslims populated the Kingdom. The Kingdom grew rich on trade and commerce and Arab traders described it as the land of gold. Ghana reached the peak of its power around 1,000 AD.”

“The Kingdom finally fell to Mali in 1,400 AD. During the next 200 years, there were other African Kingdoms that would appear (Mali, Songhay, Bornu, and Oyo). Around 1,500 AD various areas of Africa were being explored, settled, and controlled by European Interest. After 1,600 AD areas of economic interest including the slave market would be controlled by the Major European and United States interest.”

Source: Universe and Consciousness: 15 Billion BC to 2000 AD By Lonnie Webber

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