This is a fascinating book, and not too long to read either. I find it amazingly interesting because I have spoken to my fellow Moors plenty of times about the title of this book, and to actually find a book that delves into this subject, and to find that it was published in 1883 heightens the level of intrigue. This shows you that European culture was able to explore new lands once they conquered the Moors.

“The discovery of America by Christopher columbus, was out-growth of the conquest of the Moors, by the Spaniards. The Moors, commanded by Arabian officers, expelled the Visigoths from Andalusia, south Spain, in the year 711, and establish te Kingdom of Cordova, which they held until the year 1236. During the eighth century they also founded Granada, which at first, constituted a part of the Kingdom of Cordova. Under the administration of the Mohammedan Emirs, Cordova became the seat of learning and refinement. Great encouragement was given to the study of Mathematics, Chemistry and the Physical Sciences; the works of Aristotle, Hippocrates and Ptolemy Syntax, were translated into Arabic and became the authority of Saracen Astronomy, and of Medicine.”

“The Moors were a cultivated people, living in Asiatic luxury, within an atmosphere of scholarly attainment and exquisite refinement, speaking the highest order of mellow and entrancing Arabic, extremely fond of dress, and possessing an enduring passion for ornaments.”

“The armor of the Moorish cavaliers was encrusted with gold and silver, chased in elegant designs •• the sheaths of the cimeters were richly enamelled, and the blades of Damascus steel were elaborately emblazoned, and their belts were inlaid with ornamental figures in enamel. The Arabian steeds of the Moorish Chivalry were gorgeously caparisoned in rich velvets of various colors, ornamented with gold and silver, and interwoven with silken braid.”

“The Moors and Spaniards took great delight in waging partisan war upon each other. The attack made by Abul Hassen, December 26th, 14S1, ui)on the fortress of Zahara, and the taking of its people prisoners, resulted in the Marquis of Cadiz’ storming and taking at the dead of night, the Moorish castle and city of Albania.”

“Ferdinand and Isabella had long awaited a pretext for inaugurating a Christian war of extermination against the Mohammedan Moors and the wealthy Jews residing in the Moorish kingdom.”

Source: The Discovery of America an Outgrowth of Conquering The Moors Published 1883

Publisher New York city, Springfield, Mass.
Pages 36
Possible copyright status NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language English
Call number 6788098
Digitizing sponsor Sloan Foundation
Book contributor The Library of Congress
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