Ancient Times: Morocco was Mauritania Tingitana


In Modern History Or the Present State of All Nations, Volume 3 By Tho…:

“This empire, now called Morocco from a city of that name (on the north part of it at least) was the Mauritania Tingitana of the Romans, and of denominated from the city of Tingis, now Tangier, lying on the fourth side of the Straights of Gibraltar……”

“The province of Suz, in which I comprehend Suz. that of Tafilet, is bounded by Morocco, on the north ; by Biledulgerid, on the east and south j’ and by the Atlantic ocean, on the west: The chief towns whereof are, Taradant and Tafilet ; the former the capital of Suz, and the other of the province of Tafilet…….The rest of the towns men tion’d in the province of Suz are, Messa Guargesen, Tejeat, Garet, Tagovost, Tedsi, Santa Cruz (a sea-port) and like : But the only town travellers mention in Tafilet, is the capital of the fame name, situated in latitude 26 and a half, longitude 2 de grees west of London……”

“The present imperial family came from the province of Tafilet; Muley Ismael, the late Emperor, was of that country; which, lying the farthest south of any the territories belonging to this empire, and his mother being a Negroe, the complexion of the royal family is exceeding dark; for the inhabitants complexion of this empire differ much in their complexion the natives according to their situation; those to the south ward are very tawny, as are also the Arabs, who range about the plains, and live in tents like the Arabs of Asia; the Moors and Jews, who live in towns and on the sea-coast, are many of them fair; and those that inhabit the villages on the mountains, are not of so dark a complexion as the Arabs………..”

“As to the Blacks, that of late years have had the administration of the Government, and compose their best cavalry, these being brought from Negroe- ‘ land, or descended from parents who came from thence, differ very little from the Guinea Negroes.”

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