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During this process, you have the option to start the process with $500 down. The second option is to pay for the process in full for $1000, which includes 5 hours of coaching.

However you begin the process, the result is the same. You will be able to correct your status with courts by utilizing Murakush Society’s easy to use instruments and overall expertise on the subject. As part of the Status Correction process, you will have 1-year Murakush Society membership access.

How long does it take to receive the instruments?

If your paying for the process in full you will receive the documents in Phase I and Phase II.  Want a payment plan?  With the first payment, we will get you started with documents in Phase I and distribute concurrently until final payment is made.

The instruments are to be completed by you!. The step-by-step process is available in our Status Correction Course Book Vol and Vol II available for additional purchase. If you need more one-on-one help during the process you can utilize our coaching services for a more walk-through of the process in detail. Either it is up to you how you want to complete the process.

How long does it take to become a Moor officially? 

The length of time is also dependent upon you. These documents require for you to get notaries in addition to going to courts and adhering to court fees as well. The process moves as fast as you want it to go and the courts/agency remember FYI remember generally takes up to 30 days for correspondence.

By the way

Murakush Society has helped hundreds of Moors correct their status utilizing our instruments and instructions to undergo the process of status correction. The misconception and doubts about status correction are explained in detail in our books Moorish Myths Busted Vol I and II.

We created this process for Moors to have a straightforward way to correct their status to Moor and have it legally recognized as a status.

This Status Correction Plan includes the following.

Phase I

  1. Murakush Name Change Affidavit
  2. Murakush Vital Records Affidavit
  3. Murakush Al Sharia Court Order For Name Correction/Change

Phase II

  1. Murakush Al Sharia Court Order For Race Nationality/National Origin
  2. Murakush Moor Jinsiyah (Nationality) Certificate
  3. Murakush Watanly Protected Class Certificate
  4. Murakush Naturalization Certificate
  5. Murakush Certificate of Community Recognition
  6. Murakush Shahadah Certificate
  7. Murakush Name Correction/Change Certificate
  8. Murakush Moorish Birth Certificate
  9. Murakush Moorish Islamic Treaty Rights Certificate
  10. Motion or Petition To Correct Race & National Origin


*Please remember if you are on our pay as you go option documents will be furnished in phases until full payment is rendered.

We wish you so much success and your endeavors correcting your status

We understand real life happens and we are all short on time. The process is concurrent as you are dealing with the courts and agencies as there are levels to the process.

Please Note: Phase III & IV are optional. The documents and instruments for Phase III & IV are NOT included with this plan. If you are interested including Phase III and/or IV, contact us first for a custom plan. If you decided later on you want to complete the additional phases, no worries we will work with you. Only phases I and II are mandatory requirements for correcting your status.

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