Status Correction Course Book Vol 1

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Finally the Murakush Status Correction Course Vol 1 is available in book form. With over 100 pages of step by step processes that will guide you through the process of properly Nationalizing as a Moor. You will learn all the ins and outs of Moorish Race and Nationality, how to apply it and how to exercise it.


Chapter 1: MCA Islamic & Common Law Name Change Forms

Chapter 2: Change Name, Race & Ethnicity With Vital Stats SSA, U.S. Census Bureau

Chapter 3: Trademark – Tradename Registration

Chapter 4: Copyright Your Photograph – Fingerprints

Chapter 5: Expatriation – Termination – Dissolution of U.S.A. Nationality Forms This Step Only Applies to Those Members Interested In Doing Business As Moors i.e. Moorish Non U.S. Citizens

Chapter 6: Changing Your Citizenship Status On Social Security Records & Applying For ITIN #

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1 review for Status Correction Course Book Vol 1

  1. J.Qiyamah

    Awesome blueprint for the original man to navigate in the modern day ..while staying in tune with the ancestors!

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