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Research & Analysis

We provide Research & Analysis services to interested parties. Whether you need a genealogical study completed, or you need research for a lecture, or for a book you are completing, we can assist your needs.


We provide mentoring services to interested parties. If you need an experienced, knowledgeable, time, and battle-tested Moor to help guide you as you attempt to navigate through life as a Moor, Murakush Society is here to assist you.


We provide Consulting services to interested parties. Whether you have questions regarding status correction, changing or correcting your name to a Moorish name, or you just want to know more information about the Moors, we can assist you.

Speaking Engagements

We offer speaking engagement services to interested parties. From lectures to seminars and workshops we are willing to speak wherever we are welcomed. If you need a representative to speak at your event please feel free to contact us.

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