“This is fortified by a religious faith of intense force, amounting often to primitive intolerance. But it should be not be impossible to convince the Moors that neither their independence nor their religion is threatened, and that it will be worth their while to live on terms of friendship with their neighbors. That the French are precisely the right people to convey this message has not been made clear. They’re not unnatural desire to appropriate portions of Moorish territory exposes them more particularly than any other people to the suspicion of the Moors. Moreover, their repeated failures in attempts at colonization reveal them as anything but ideal negotiators with a dusky race.” See Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science and Art, Volume 106


“A comparison between British and French Somaliland will illustrate our point. At Berbera or Zaila the natives are respectful, well behaved and contended. Proceed a few miles further u the cast to Jibuti and you find men of the selfsame race, even of this very same tribes, insolent, dishonest and mutinous. The difference is due to the fact the British know and the solely due to the fact that the British know and the French do not know how to manage natives. And if the French have failed to manage natives.”

“And if the French have failed so consciously with so elementary a type as the Somali, how can they exact to succeed in pacifying the Moors. We have always said the Act of Algeciras was a mistake, and that the only hoe of satisfactory settlement in Morocco is to be found in the selection of another emissary of European civilization. The policy of Europe, which has accepted the somewhat sudden, surprising call of Turkey for the Turks, must go a little further and accustom itself to the sound of Morocco for the Moors.” See Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science and Art, Volume 106

“They have not the knack of civilization, and their errors of tact are certain to cause incessant friction, The French have their own, entirely their own, ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity at home, but they have never succeeded in giving any meaning to the words when dealing with native races.” See Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science and Art, Volume 106

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