“The army was a mixed company made up partly of the veterans stationed at New Carthage, with some Iberians from the southern tribes, completed by new Libyan recruits and a unit of Moorish mercenaries, and augmented.. Page 68”

“After his father’s death, he would make her the queen of his empire and then he would extend his domain in new directions. Even as Carthage ruled the Mediterranean, the Massylii would extend their dominion to the west and bring the Gaetulians and the Moors into submission, not to mention the Libyans. He would Syphas beneath the heel of his right foot, and then he would turn south-….Page 346”

“Moorish traders made his flight possible. He considered sending word to Maharbal in Italy, asking him to forsake Hannibal and return to Numidia, but he had not the resources to do this. Page 479”

“He realized that Gadeer had left him sometime during these musings and was just now returning. Another man follows him, also a Moor. This man carried a sword he had sometimes seen Moors wield. It was similar to the Iberians’ curving falcata, except heavier, thicker. It was a weapon to be swung in sweeping arcs with the intention of doing lethal damage with a single blow… Page 533-534”

See Pride of Carthage By David Anthony Durham




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