“Everywhere numbers of individuals are to be observed in whom the features and other physical characteristics of the negro race prevail more or less. The Mussulman doctrine of equality leads to this result, and for the same reason no social disadvantage is incurred by those who, in anyway, betray their alliance, whether more or less, to the negro type. The late emperor showed evidence traces of black blood.The negro population of Morocco is considerable, and a large proportion of it are slaves. But the subject of slavery will be again referred to.” (p. 219)

“The negro of this country is more slightly and seems more intelligent than the west coast black. He is brought when a boy, rarely or ever as an adult, from the far interior. But many of the blacks are descendants of those who have inhabited Morocco for many generations. A large number of the free negroes are enrolled in bokhary, the sultan’s black bodyguard. These men enjoy certain privileges, and many aspire to the highest offices. The Negroes of Morocco speak a language of their own called Guenaoui.” (p. 220)

“The Jews of Morocco, about whom we have already said a good deal, are descended from those of their race who, expelled at various periods from European countries, found in part an asylum in that country. They are, however, mainly derived from the Israelite’s who were expelled from Spain in 1492, and from Portugal in 1496, and form at present a large and important section of the population; yet, considering their number and position, it is difficult to conceive why they bow their necks so submissively to the yoke, for they are brow-beaten, despised, and treated with habitual harshness. The anomaly is the stranger for the reason that in a certain sense they are dominant and powerful race. Love of gain, cunning and self-interest teach them how to be indispensable to the Moors. In Morocco, as elsewhere, the Jew is a Master of Finance and turns his knowledge to the best account.”  (p. 220)

Some of the highest placed men in Morocco, not excepting the sultan himself, have negro blood in their veins. (p.227)

Source: Morocco and the Moors: Being an Account of Travels, with a General By Arthur Leared

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