The secret to liberation is you have to learn yourself.

Accelerated Courses

Our Murakush University courses are available 24/7 once enrolled. Choose from a variety of classes to advance your life, status and wealth.

Moor Knowledge

Murakush University is an educational institution for Moors and people interested in learning about Moorish heritage, history, legacy, and culture.

What You Will Learn

Broken down into effective modules for the easy learning process. Moors will retain a wealth of information. Our founders are the real Moors in Court who have over 15-years experience and helped hundreds of Moors learn their history, advance in their business, and overall life

Who Were You Before 1492

We teach the difference between Moor rights in American law and the rights of U.S. Blacks. Students will learn concise information regarding the Race, Color, and Nationality of the Moors.

Challenging Jurisdiction

Murakush students will learn the and arguments and parameters for which Moors can effectively challenge the jurisdiction of European Colonial Courts, specifically U.S. Courts.

Moorish Treaty Rights

Understanding Moorish Treaty Rights and serves to give clarity to the subject of Moorish Birthrights Status and law. Students will examine Treaties pertaining to Moors and beyond.

Murakush Courses

We provide advanced courses about Moorish history, business, treaties, status correction, rights to travel and more.