Discovering the Songhay Empire By Laura La Bella

Discovering the Songhay Empire By Laura La Bella


“Askiya Ishaq II offered the Moroccans a tribute of one hundred thousand pieces of gold and one thousand slaves, hoping this would pacify them and encourage them to leave the Songhay Empire alone. Sultan Mulay al Mansur wanted his army to occupy the newly conquered land below the desert. He angrily rejected Askiya Ishaq’s offer and replaced Judar Pasha with another general, also named Mansur who was instructed to complete the conquest of Songhay.”

“The Moroccans occupied Timbuktu, Gao, and Jenne. The Songhay Empie had fallen to the Moroccans. The Songhay people, though vanquished and stripped of their empire, remained silent. They went on to found the Dendi Kingdom, which held sway in what would become modern-day Niger, from 1591 to 1901. After many futile decades spent trying to reestablish Songhay supremacy in West Africa, the Dendi Kingdom, weakened by a long of unstable leaders, coups, and wars, succumbed to occupation by French colonial forces. “


Citing Discovering the Songhay Empire By Laura La Bella

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