About Murakush Society

We are a historical society, established to preserve and celebrate the legacy, history, heritage and culture of the Moors. The Moorish legacy must be preserved and perpetuated for the benefit of future generations.

Murakush Society Inc. is a historical society. We were established in 2007 to collect, house, store, analyze, and critique, data, artifacts, documents and other relics pertaining to Moors; for the celebration, preservation and perpetuation of the Moorish legacy, history, heritage and culture.

Murakush Society Inc. is a historical society dedicated to celebrating the Moorish heritage, history, legacy, and culture.We collect, store, analyze, critique, study, and preserve, ancient and modern literature and artifacts pertaining to the Moors

Interested parties should support us because our efforts are to restore and preserve the knowledge, and wisdom of the ancient Moors, for the benefit of the world and future generations. Our mission is to educate and inform the general public of the contributions, and legacy of the Moors.

We believe the world can benefit from being informed about the contributions and legacy of the Moors. Moorish History is world history.” That is our Mantra and it signifies the totality of our mission and philosophy. The Moors were some of the earliest travelers of our era to have traveled to all continents prior to Columbus.

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