Correcting Your Name, Race, and National Origin Identity

About Status Correction

Dissolving the Legislative Slave Brands & Political Bands that are the Badges, Incidents, Relics, and Vestigates of Slavery.

The term Status Correction as a system and process for Moors was created in 2007 by Shyaam, and El Aemer, Founders of the Murakush Society Inc. This term applies to Blacks or African Americans who want to nullify the application of the “Black” identity, which is a badge, incident, relic, and vestige of slavery, by changing their names, race, national origin, and ethnicity to Moor, on Government Agency records, such as the Birth Certificate, Social Security, and Driving License.

As a result of those changes or corrections, Status Correction for Blacks or African Americans must correct their commercial identity from a debtor, to secured party creditor; and optionally change their US Citizenship status to US Permanent Resident Aliens.

Federal Directive 15 is the US Governments’ system of racial, and ethnic classification. Black and Hispanics are the only classifications that does not include the term “descent from original peoples” in it’s definition. Instead it states Blacks/African Americans are descended from “the black racial groups of Africa,” which denotes that Blacks are a sub-human group descended from slaves and thus subject to quasi-citizenship.

Shyaam, and El Aemer have created a system and a process by which Blacks, African Americans, Indigenous Americans, Black Hispanics, Latinos, and those of African descent, can properly re-classify them as Moor and avoid falling into the racial classification of Black/African American.

Status Correction Workshop

This is a video of the 1st night of our Status Correction Workshop in Greensboro NC, July, 2017.

Status Correction FAQ's

Questions frequently asked about Status Correction.

Does Status Correction make a person a UCC Secured Party Creditor?

No. Status Correction as prescribed by the Murakush Society Inc., pertains to relinquishing the badges, incidents, relics, and vestiges of slavery, which are prohibited by the 13th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. It pertains to individuals changing their name, racial, and national origin identity from Black/African American to Moor. UCC’s are federal, state commercial laws, and secured party creditors are those who are creditors who own debts in a contract that stipulates such.

If I have proclaimed my Nationality through the MSTA or other Moorish Organizations, do I still need to undergo the Status Correction Process?

Yes. Proclaiming your Nationality is not the same as Status Correction. Status Correction with Murakush Society is changing or correcting your name, racial, and national origin identity with government agencies, so that your government agency records reflect that change or correction.

If I am receiving government benefits, will correcting my status effect it or stop me from receiving benefits?

No. Correcting your status will not affect or interfere with the government benefits you are currently receiving. You are simply undergoing a legal process to change your name, racial, and national origin identity, for proper federal directive 15 reporting purposes. There is nothing in existing in US law that renders such actions illegal.

How do I correct my status?

You must join and become an official member of our parent organization the Murakush Caliphate of America Corp, so that you can gain official community recognition from a community of Moors, and begin the changes and corrections with the court, and the proper government agencies.

What are the benefits of correcting your status?

The benefits to correcting your status, including but not limited to #1. You are able to finally nullify the application of the badges, incidents, relics, and vestiges of slavery, prohibited by the 13th amendment of the US constitution, by relinquishing the badge of slavery identity “Black.” #2. Access to more Political, and Civil Rights. #3. Becoming a member of a group illegally enslaved, entitled to reparations, and restitution. #4. International First Class Status. #5. Cannot be lawfully indicted or tried without Moors on your Jury. #6. Not subject to Laws derived from the doctrine of discovery. #7. Entitled to indigenous recognition. #8. Entitled to 0% interest rates or reduction of interest rates. #9. New Credit Profile. #10. Can expatriate and remain in the USA as a Non-Citizen Foreign National. #11. Entitled to citizenship in all countries that are Islamic or colonized by the European States.

Will correcting my status, help me win in court litigation, or discharge a debt?

No. Correcting your status does not intrinsically or directly help you win in court litigation or discharge a debt. It is important that you don’t conflate or convolute the two. However, it does give you access to rights that Blacks/African Americans do not have, and because of this, it allows you to make certain claims that may assist your general claims in such litigation.

Status Correction Plans

Status Correction Plans

Bronze Plan

Bronze Plan Includes

  • Status Correction Course Book 1
  • Status Correction Course Book 2
  • Introduction To Race & Nationality
  • Introduction To Treaty Rights
  • Introduction To Moors Rights To Travel
  • Name Change Forms & Affidavits
  • Application Fee


Silver Plan

Silver Plan Includes

  • 5 Essential Books in Bronze Plan
  • Name Change Forms & Affidavits
  • Certificate of Name Change
  • Certificate of Moorish Jinsiyah (Nationality)
  • Certificate of Moorish Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Moorish Islamic Treaty Rights
  • Murakush Baraat ID
  • Murakush Personal ID
  • Motion To Correct Race & National Origin


Payment Plan Available

Gold Plan

Gold Plan Includes

  • 5 Essential Books (Bronze Plan)
  • Name Change Forms & Affidavits
  • 22 Murakush Certificates
  • 2 Murakush ID’s
  • Murakush Baraat Travel Booklet
  • Motion To Correct Race & National Origin
  • Al Sharia Court of Murakush Order To Correct Race & National Origin.


Payment Plan Available