Membership into Murakush is determined on an individual case-by-case basis. All interested parties are required to complete the membership Application process in its entirety to be considered Official members of Murakush Society. We offer two kinds of membership. One form of our membership involves being a member of the Murakush Society Inc. This includes membership to the Murakush Society Website and Historical Society as a researcher, blogger, author, analyst, etc. The second form of our membership is offered through the Murakush Society and involves being a member of the Murakush Caliphate of America Corp. This includes access to MCA Corp ID's, Credentials, and Certificates. When a person becomes a member of this website they are becoming a Member of the Murakush Society Inc, Online network a Historical Society for Moors. When a person applies for Murakush Certificates or ID's and Credential they are applying for membership into the Murakush Caliphate of America Corp.

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Becoming a member of Murakush has many benefits including but not limited to:

  1. Enjoying the benefits of correcting Nationality, Race & Socio Political Status.
  2. Relinquishing Badges and Brands of Slavery and Attacking Racial Profiling.
  3. Changing your status from Negro/Black to Free White Person.
  4. Enfranchising your political power.
  5. Financial Advantages & Assistance Tax advantages
  6. Eliminate all present and future interest on all of your accounts. i.e. mortgages, auto loans etc
  7. Access to in house society capital.
  8. Investment opportunities,
  9. Religious exemptions 
  10. Being apart of a reliable Moorish Community.

Murakush Society also fulfills the network that Moors desire and the platform for the implementation of Moorish Governmental functions, especially those in which the members will have a direct hand in molding and shaping to become founding fathers and mothers of this great Nation we are building.

All persons interested in becoming members of the MCA Corp must complete our:

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