Land of Kush: Geographical Origin Of The “Moors”


In German the word “Mohr” [Moor] is associated with people perceived to be sub-Saharan African, the historical usage aims contrast to people from North-West African regions, especially from East Africa( Ethiopia , Eritrea , Ethiopia , Aksum , Nubia ) and North West Africa ( Mauritania , Western Sahara , Mali , Morocco , Algeria , see Bidhan ).

page_from_yiddishhebrewlatingerman_dictionary_by_elijah_levitaIn German, the word “Mohr” [Moor] apparently historically has a stronger affinity to the ancient Greek word ethiopos (for “burnt face”). The identification of Moors with Moors comes from the underlying likeness and the Spanish influence where moro for historical reasons, the word for the Arab-Islamic Moors.

kush2If in the Middle Ages, for example in connection with the “Moor of Freising”, Latinized from caput aethiop (i) s or caput ethiopicum is mentioned, this has therefore not directly something to do in that time context with Ethiopia, but is already generally with “marshmallow” translating.

In this sense also translated Martin Luther the country Kush , the south of Egypt joined (to Ez 29,10“>LUT ) and Greco-Roman language area was given the name Ethiopia (as also in the Septuagint ), consistent with “Ethiopia”.


Here are ( Jer 13:23“>LUT ) may be crucial, which states: “Can such Kuschite [Kushite] change his skin or the leopard his spots?” Here too Luther “the Moor”. 


The prophet Isaiah contrast with his description of Kush does not allude tothe skin color, but rather on their height ( “tall”) and Unbehaartheit ( “blank”). ( Isa 18”>EU ) In view of the Ethiopian eunuch Luther also seems the terms ” Orient to identify with each other” and “Ethiopia”. 1670 wrote Jerónimo Lobo about the “true nature of Ethiopia, particularly the abbysinischen Kayserthums”. On the other hand Giovanni Cavazzi da Montecuccolo understood in 1694 at its historical description of “occidentalischen Mohr country” including, among other areas, the three kingdoms of Congo , Matamba and Angola .

In 1728 first appeared in German the report by Bartolomeo de Rogatis from the loss of the Kingdom of Spain and the re-conquest of those hands of the Moors , which turn the Moors are meant.

In 1894 the book Dr. Adschai Samuel Crowther , the first Protestant Negro bishop, or Ethiopia shall stretch out her hands unto God released. Here, then, is also Nigeria in Ethiopia. Appeared even in the early 1930s still titles such as Ethiopia was still Christian … (G. von Massenbach, 1933), the debut of Ethiopia (Biographical Samuel Ali Hussein, 1932) or old and new from Ethiopia (Church and Mission History of Christoph Schomerus, 1934), in which case both “black” and “Negro” interchangeably and increasingly throughout Africa for “Mohren-” or “negro country” is.





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