Are you unemployed?

Are you looking for work?

Are you looking to earn some extra cash?

Do you want more free time to pursue the things you want to do?

Well look no further, the Murakush Society is looking for motivated individuals to be apart of our new team of Moors, tasked with spreading the History, Heritage and Culture of the Moors, to help us expand as a Historical Society.

We are looking for:

  1. Sales agents
  2. Customer Service Reps
  3. Researchers/Bloggers
  4. Editors
  5. Social Media Managers

Sales Agents: We are looking for highly motivated people to be apart of our sales team. You can earn up to 60% – 80% commission and up to $1,000’s of dollars weekly or monthly. Sales agents are tasked with selling, marketing and promoting books and other Murakush Society merchandise. It’s simple, all you have to do is find community events in your area or other states, pay the vending fee and begin spreading the history, heritage and culture of the Moors. We also have wholesale options available for those who are interested in becoming an authorized licensed Murakush dealer.

Customer Service Reps: Our customer service rep position is available part time only. We are looking for 2 people to fulfill these positions. Earn an extra $50-$100 every week in your spare time. Customer service reps are tasked with the duty of answering the daily calls we receive in about our company, regarding book orders and general questions about Moorish Status and Nationality and much more.

Researchers/Bloggers: Murakush Society is without a doubt the most thoroughly researched Moors in the Nation. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who have a deep passion for Moorish Heritage, History and Culture, who wish to share their research and knowledge with the Moorish community and the world. Earn anywhere from $10 – $20 per blog. Researchers can even earn royalties on Murakush Society Book Sales by assisting us in researching and writing new book material.

Editors: We are looking for people who are efficient and proficient in reading, and writing to join our editors team. Editors can earn anywhere from $100 – $300 per book edit. Editors must be efficient and thorough in understanding the english language.

Social Media Managers: Earn some extra cash part-time by managing our social media pages. Social Media managers can earn up to $200 a week managing and promoting our social media pages.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities offered by Murakush Society please email us at