We offer certificates of various kinds, specifically Certificates for Moors who are members and who wish to have their Moorish Race and Nationality properly documented. We also provide Murakush Apostilles authentication certificates. Our membership certificates are for assisting our members in their agenda to drop the badges, incidents, vestiges and relics of Slavery and to embrace their Moorish Race and Nationality in accordance with their Civil and Political rights (especially concerning the rights of indigenous people). Murakush Certificates are essential to the process of Moors of establishing documentary evidence (from a lawful & legal entity) in a functional way to engage in commerce with the international community on an equal footing with other Nations.

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There are 18 certificates we offer exclusively to our members which are listed as follows:

  1. Race and National Origin Certificate
  2. Certificate Of Naturalization
  3. Certificate of Nationality
  4. Bay'ah Certificate
  5. Shahadah Certificate
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Oath of Renunciation & Allegiance Certificate
  8. Travel Document Certificate
  9. Usury Prohibition Certificate
  10. Conscientious Objector Status Certificate
  11. Insurance Exemption Certificate
  12. Certificate of Moorish Treaty Rights
  13. Status in Law of Nations Certificate
  14. Certificate of Name Correction
  15. Certificate of Conscience Exemption
  16. Certificate of Immunization
  17. Certificate of Trademark
  18. Certificate of Self Defense

The Nationality Certificate and the Certificate of Name Change are the first certificates Moors should be interested in acquiring. Moors who are interested in receiving Murakush Society Certifications must first apply for membership into the Murakush Caliphate of America Corp.

In addition to our certification process we also offer courses for Moors to learn the technicalities and legalities of undergoing such a process. We educate Moors on the proper way to apply their Indigenous Moorish Nationality & Identity in accordance with Islam, as well as what authorities within a foreign venue & jurisdiction to notify of intended change in national identity and adjustment of status.

  • We offer Electronic Certificates, which can be emailed to you and downloaded. 
  • We offer Certificates issued on security paper with a printed seal.
  • We offer an embossed seal on Certificates Issued on Security paper.
  • We offer expedited services.