Murakush Society Inc, was formed in 2007, by Shyaam M. Kushimir and El Aemer al Mansur El Mujaddid. In lieu of the oceans of misinformation regarding the true heritage, history and culture of the Moors; Mansa and El Aemer decided to create the Murakush Society Inc, in efforts to recovery the true history, heritage and culture. They noticed one too many charlatans spreading misinformation and false information in regards to the Moors. This is what fueled the creation of the Murakush Society Inc. A Historical Society, dedicated to discovering and recovering all of the data pertaining to the Moors, past present and future.

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Murakush Society is a Moorish Historical Society, dedicated to researching and preserving the heritage, history and culture of the Moors for 21st Century Moors. Our membership is primarily composed of Moors Indigenous to America, and Descendants of Moors Indigenous to Africa, Asia and Europe, who are from all Islamic Sects, spiritual disciplines, paths, background and faiths. Murakush Society was founded to preserve and celebrate the Heritage, Legacy, History, Wealth and Culture of the Moors; and to secure the Moors' Religious, Treaty, Civil and Political rights as well as Human rights. Murakush Society is integral for the study of Moorish Nationals, the diffusion of knowledge relating to such subjects, and to do all such other things, that as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives for which the Society is founded.

We engage in a wide range of activities that involves promoting the peace, trust and solidarity between Moors. We work to strengthen the Bonds and ties of the Heritage, History Culture, Spiritual, Civil, and Political connections that all Moors share. We provide several educational courses on Moorish Identity and Nationality, Moorish Law, Moorish History and much more. We host events and trips that promote the study and celebration of Moorish heritage, history, wealth and culture. We provide Certifications and Identity Credentials to all Moorish Nationals regardless of their Citizenship. Last but not least we create various programs, projects, working groups and initiatives that work to the strengthen the security of Moorish Human, Religious, Civil and Political Rights.

OUR MISSION! The principal aim of Al Murakush Society is to protect Moorish individuals in the enjoyment of those absolute rights, which are vested in them by the immutable laws of nature; but which could not be preserved in peace without that mutual assistance and intercourse, which is gained by the institution of friendly and social communities. Hence it follows, that the first and primary end of human laws is to maintain and regulate these absolute rights of individuals. Such rights as are social and relative result from, and are posterior to, the formation of states and societies: so that to maintain and regulate these, is clearly a subsequent consideration. Our Mission is to provide Moors with a Body Politic that is conducive for the spiritual, economic & political prosperity of the Moors.

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Moors should choose us because we are the only organization that has strict and stringent standards in regards to retrieving, studying, analyzing and collecting truthful data as it pertains to Moors. Specifically as it relates to Moorish History, Culture and Heritage.

Honoring Our Scholars

We provide Moors with a Body Politic that is conducive for the spiritual, economic & political prosperity of the Moors. In the spirit of commemoration of the works of Edward Wilmot Blyden, Sylvester Williams, Dusé Mohamed Ali, J.A. Rogers, Noble Drew Ali,professor Ezaldine Muhammad, David Mac Ritchie, Chancellor Williams, Cheikh Anti Diop, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Martin Luther King, Paul Barton, Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Youssef Mroueh, Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick as well as many others; Murakush Society is instituted for the purpose of investigating the usages, institutions, customs, religions, antiquities, history, and languages of the Moors.

Our Goals

One of our goals is to create efficient mechanism for facilitating the commercial and industrial development of the Moors. in a manner best fitted to secure the welfare of our members.We have many goals that we are striving to meet, however a large portion of our mission is largely dedicated to providing spiritual, civic, legal, political & economic education to Moors who are Native to America. Our overall mission is to enroll as many Moors as possible into our programs, working groups & projects.